Latest Explained is an International Blog which aims to explain world’s most complicated situations in an easy and effective manner. With readers from all over world and collaborations with companies like Halifornia & Amazon, it brings a pleasure to ARCUS to declare Latest Explained as our Head Collaboration.

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With a mission of digitizing India, GD.go developers took digitization to a totally new level by making google accessible for everything with the help of google assistant.

Want to know anything about ARCUS?

Ask google assistant, just say “talk to ARCUS MUN” Assistant will answer you everything.

With this ARCUS proudly announces its collaboration with GD.go developers and wishes for a rapid digitalization of India.

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ARCUS MUN here officially collaborates with Debate Around.
Over the years, a lot of people have started to believe that the MUN groups have become chaotic and need to be more organized than they are.
We thought so too, and hence we made something which would help us escape the agony of trying to find a conference we want to go to, midst the haystack of annoying spam. is a platform which would allow you to both advertise your conference (FOR FREE!) and helps you find your essential conference.
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 How do you get to know about an event happening around? From that newspaper add on the seventh page that is never opened? Or from billboards which no one has the time to look at? Or that friend of yours who tells you about the event after it is over? Well, all your woes have been heard and Eventzerz is here to your rescue.
Also with so many events being held around you, how do you choose the event that you want to go to if you do not know about them all? Now know what an event is all about and decide accordingly.
We are all different, with very different interests. You might like cultural events and your friend might be a gaming freak. Now search for events happening around you according to your interests and see events accordingly. Never miss out on an event. Just visit and you are good to go.