Campus Ambassadors

You are Precious

Special Offers and a chance to be a part of the best.

Raise a ticket here and our executive will get back to you.

Special Discounts

If any Campus Ambassador wishes to be a part of ARCUS as a delegate. We will offer them special discounts on their delegate fee.

Who knows you might be called for free? 🙂

Referral System

If the number of referrals by you overpass a particular limit of delegates at ARCUS. You will be eligible for the great deals that we have to offer you.

Not so easy, to do this 🙂

OC Perks

Campus Ambassadors will be given everything that our OC will be eligible for. You are an important part of ARCUS.

You are Precious 🙂

It was great to be the part of Campus Ambassadors team of ARCUS last year. I learned a lot from these amazing people. Yes, there were problems to face but the way this team handled them was just commendable.

Mohit Singh

Let’s make something beautiful together.